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Dolly Eye Blue Lenses posted at 7:21 PM

This is the first time that we wore circle lenses. We always  loved the idea of changing the color of your eyes. 'How would I look with blue eyes?' Now we know how it feels. It so nice how a simple lens can change that! And we love the effect. We tested a pair of lenses of Uniqso and the result is unbelievable! The blue color is so intense and your eyes look bigger than they actually are. When the lenses arrived we were so excited to try them. They were send in a little box, witch was very cute!
They have many lenses with different colors and different designs. It is very nice to see!.

~Lenses: Uniqso 
In the first picture you can see the difference between my actual eye color and the color of the lens. My eyes look bigger, don't you think? Even with make up my eyes look even bigger. I'm really in love with those lenses. They are amazing for a cosplay as well. These pictures were taken inside with normal daylight.

Here is a picture of the cute box and the bottles the lenses were presented in.
- Diameter: 14,5 mm
- Base Curve: 8,6 mm
- Expire withing one year
- Available power: 0 -10
- Made in Korea

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